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Our products will stand the test of time

For more than 50 years our highly experienced team of craftspeople have created beautiful tributes and memorials using traditional materials and processes as well as embracing modern technology to ensure our products will stand the test of time.

Time-honoured skills, patience, artistry and an uncompromising dedication to quality are woven together to produce the very best in calligraphy, gilding, illustration, heraldic painting and Bookbinding.

Work is undertaken for a wide variety of customers across the world, from local authorities, crematoria, funeral directors, schools, universities and health authorities, to public and private companies, churches, museums and individuals. Each commission is given the same careful consideration and attention to detail.


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Established in 1955 in the heart of Birmingham, founder Alfred C Foley worked his way to eminence as a calligraphy teacher and successful businessman. His dream was to establish a centre of excellence for manuscript production and bookbinding and it is those dreams we strive to uphold today. We are proud to continue in his legacy and still use methods developed over the years in order to obtain the quality required for our products.
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