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Bespoke Books & Small Print Runs

As all our books are individually hand made it is possible to have a book for any occasion made to your specification. Size, format, layout and materials may all be varied as required.

Previous Projects

Bespoke Books
  • Condolence: Books produced in condolence for Princess Diana.
  • Donations: A book of donations for Wolverhampton City Council.
  • Honours: A book of honours for Bournemouth University.
  • Patronage: A book of patronage for Sir Alan Cadbury.
  • Family Books: A book of family memories, photographs and poetry.
  • Diaries: Digitally reproduced from original diary pages and photographs, bound in leather with gold hand tooling.
  • Bespoke Leather Photo Album: A quality leather hand bound photo album, hand tooled in silver.
  • Sporting Honors: The Wolverhampton Sporting Roll of honors book hand bound, with calligraphy and digitally reproduced photographs.
  • Millenium Books: The Mappleborough Green Millenium Book.
  • Condolence: Military Condolence Book.

Online ordering available soon. For now please enquire for details and we will be happy to help.

Miniature Books

Miniature Books

  • A bespoke and personal gift to your loved one.
  • Clean lined, modern miniature books
  • Brushed faux suede fabric cover
  • 5 colours: Tomate, Dune, Forest, Taupe and Navy.
  • Blank pages to accommodate several entries; pieces of artwork, digitally reproduced photographs, poems or verses.
  • Approx 155mm high x 165mm wide when closed.

Please Note: Due to screen variations colour may vary slightly to that deplicted on screen.

Fisherman Miniature Illustration

fisherman painting fisherman painting

Golfer Miniature Illustration

golfer painting golfer painting

Knitting Miniature Illustration

Knitting Painting Knitting Painting

Garden Pots Miniature Illustration

garden pots painting garden pots painting

Swimmer Miniature Illustration

swimmer painting swimmer painting

Snooker Miniature Illustration

snooker painting snooker painting

Wren Miniature Illustration

wren painting wren painting

Cat Miniature Illustration

cat painting cat painting

Horse Miniature Illustration

horse painting horse painting

Doves Miniature Illustration

doves painting doves painting

Owl Miniature Illustration

owl painting owl painting

Freesia Miniature Illustration

freesia painting freesia painting

Garden Veg Miniature Illustration

Garden Veg Painting Garden Veg Painting

Car Miniature Illustration

vw beetle painting vw beetle painting

Bike Miniature Illustration

bike painting bike painting

Tiger Miniature Illustration

tiger painting tiger painting

Please see slideshow to the left for samples of the many hand painted illustrations available.

Online ordering available soon. For now please enquire for details and we will be happy to help.


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Online ordering available soon. For now please enquire for details and we will be happy to help.

VAT is charged at the current rate of 20%

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