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The Triptych

The Triptych

We have taken inspiration from the medieval art form Triptych to give you a way to celebrate loved ones and record special events.

Triptych features

  • A bi-fold folder in quality faux suede.
  • A choice of colour:Tomate, Dune, Forest, Taupe and Navy.
  • A digitally reproduced and, if required cropped & enhanced, photograph.
  • An illuminated inscription or poem.
  • An optional memento pocket to retain small keepsakes OR an additional inscription/poem or photo panel.
  • Versatile layout
    • Approx: 165mm x 460mm when open
    • Approx: 165mm x 155mm when closed

Fisherman Miniature Illustration

fisherman painting fisherman painting

Golfer Miniature Illustration

golfer painting golfer painting

Knitting Miniature Illustration

Knitting Painting Knitting Painting

Garden Pots Miniature Illustration

garden pots painting garden pots painting

Swim Miniature Illustration

swimmer painting swimmer painting

Snooker Miniature Illustration

snooker painting snooker painting

Wren Miniature Illustration

wren painting wren painting

Cat Miniature Illustration

cat painting cat painting

Horse Miniature Illustration

horse painting horse painting

Doves Miniature Illustration

doves painting doves painting

Owl Miniature Illustration

owl painting owl painting

Freesia Miniature Illustration

freesia painting freesia painting

Garden Veg Miniature Illustration

Garden Veg Painting Garden Veg Painting

Car Miniature Illustration

vw beetle painting vw beetle painting

Bike Miniature Illustration

bike painting bike painting

Tiger Miniature Illustration

tiger painting tiger painting

Please see the slideshow to the left for examples of some of the many hand painted illustrations available.

Unfortunately portrait paintings are not available in individual cards and books.

Please enquire for details and we will be happy to help.



VAT is charged at the current rate of 20%

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